This is an “Action-Suspense” title, with great graphics, mechanics and a conspiracy, extraterrestrial and secret societies story, something never before seen.


A terrible event has started and nothing can stop it. The world has fallen into total darkness, and fear has clouded people’s minds…

Insanity has finally taken control of people’s consciousness.

There is no logical explanation by the government, the mass media just spread fear and instability and the military have risen against their own people. Everything is finally out of control.

Would you be able to stay strong and survive the horror of a system which has sunk into chaos and despair??

Would you be able to confront your deepest fears?


Gameplay: Third Person and On-Rail Mode:


Enemies: Infected Humans, Secret Societies and Extraterrestrial Entities (Shadows of Orion):

Telekinetic and Destructive Superpowers:



Exciting Weapons, Items, Puzzles, Replay Value and more …



The alpha version was shown on various expos and was very well received !




…to be released in August, 2015.